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Why FIRST CHOICE is an every one’s choice?
         FIRST CHOICE in its R&D studied the status of various brands of ups and batteries and identified lots of minus points which are problematic when frequent power failure accurse. Ultimately FIRST CHOICE developed a world class technology and designed a compact model with world class materials, given birth to a trouble free INVERTERS/UPS and BATTERIES. Now FIRST CHOICE is the only WEAPON to give.`NOSEE CUT TO POWER CUT’.
Inverter / UPS ( Combo Models )
  • Latest Digital Signal processing technology gives pure sine wave output with high performing voltage and current - suits all kinds of applications including precious medical and space research equipments.
  • Unlike other Inverters we use high frequency variable (power factor method) Multi stage stepped charging technology gives high back up and long life to batteries.
  • Charges battery even at a very low input voltage of 110+-5V and also deep discharged batteries (normally needs bench charging in other brand inverters)
  • Battery protection against high temperature (needs top up frequently in other brands) and also reverse polarity
  • Automatic self discharging and recharging facilities and also charge any Ah range of batteries
  • No humming noise or over heat generation increases the inverter life to many years
  • 5 seconds delayed AC change over protects appliances from spikes.
  • Ultra fine changeover shifts power in milli seconds, confirms no markable interruption in output voltage.
  • Fitted with thermal controlled ventilated fan for cool and smooth running
  • Compact designs, models and supplied with attractive colors. Inbuilt trolley type also available up to 1000 VA models

UNLIKE ORDINARY INVA TUBULAR BATTERIES our Ultra pure DURO TECH+++ tubular batteries are designed and developed with calcium and silver technology gives 3 time longer life and also high backup for many years. Supplied with level controller floats